Visualizing Beautiful Thoughts

Brwaaaak! We visualize beautiful and creative idea into pictures.


We are a video and film production company aim to provide essential production services and able to support many creative, perhaps the artists, if you may call it. We  believe in putting our efforts in art and crafts, performances, how the team works. Aiming and delivering industry standard and as well quality works for an excellent production services and client's satisfaction in designed timeline.

"Yin" "Wu" (Parrot), is by polyphonic known as "Music" and "Dance" in mandarin. In Parrot, we disciplined, practice and emphasize in the creation of performances. We believe that  it's the fundamental to craft our art; to capture the moment in performance on a cinema, on the television, on the stage. We also believe that the creation of an art should posses with a soul; to be able to influence and to be able to change an individual, or even the world. 

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