About Us

Visualizing Beautiful Thoughts

Parrot Kreative is a professional video production house that produce quality content for commercial advertisement, music video, corporate video and digital content.

Parrot Kreative was founded by a team of creative artists with boundless curiosity, guided by our passion and imagination to create, discover and change the world through visual and performing arts.

Our founders are passionate about stimulating the growth of the local art and creative production scene. Led by this passion, the team endeavours to create high quality productions based on simplicity and elegance. The founders believe that it is their calling to fulfil corporate responsibilities both on a regional and international level. Originally founded in Taiwan, Parrot Kreative has now extended its presence in Malaysia, opening doors to a wider international audience.

Parrot Kreative strives to give our clients the very best in production value even with the obstacle of having limited resources. Years of creating productions in challenging environments has led us to continuously strive for excellence and self-improvement. As the Parrot Kreative brand continues to grow via word of mouth, we are ever ready to embrace new challenges put forth by our customers.